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What is the FVRA Tool?

The FVRA Tool required by ASQA has eleven macros enabled and locked sheets to assess the financial viability of a new applicant or an existing RTO.

The tool requires you to provide information on financial history and projections for your organisation.ASQA will use the information provided in this tool to calculate ratios to determine the financial health of your RTO.

It also requires non-financial information such as projected student and staff numbers. The tool provides result in the form of traffic light signals before submission to indicate whether the base financial requirements have been satisfied, or further assessment is required.

The tool requires supporting evidence to ensure that the data is correct. The tool needs to be prepared and signed off by a qualified accountant.

Having completed many FVRA Tools for RTOs, I understand the requirements for an acceptable result. I will discuss in more details in the next video.

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