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Update on the RTO Sector

Christmas is only a few weeks away, and 2020 is coming to an end. We all hope for a better 2021 - two quick updates for training providers.

ASQA’s email response to a recent application for RTO registration informed that they are experiencing an unforeseen spike in initial registration applications.

This indicates positive industry confidence and economic recovery.

More businesses are seeking to enter the training market. If you are thinking of starting a new RTO or intending to change the scope of an existing registration, it is an excellent time to start the application process.

Next, the local recovery fund established under the federal budget’s Local Jobs Program is now accepting applications to release funds.

Countrywide there are 25 regions, and you can submit your project that meets the priorities for the local job plan, to your region.

To access the funding under this program, your project must focus on better skilling the local job seekers, creating employment opportunities and meeting the local employer demands.

You can apply via AusTender.



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