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How JobTrainer will help RTOs

The JobTrainer Fund declared in the October federal budget has two parts.

Under the first part businesses employing apprentice or trainee will receive a 50% wage subsidy up to $7,000 per quarter. Under the second part, the JobTrainer fund will provide additional training places for job seekers and young people that are free or low fee in the areas of identified skills needs that are agreed by the National Skills Commission and state governments.

So what are the opportunities?

Each state/territory government will administer the initiative. Countrywide there will be around 340,700 training places. In Australian Capital Territory - 5,700; New South Wales - 108,600; Northern Territory - 3,200; Queensland - 68,500; South Australia -23,500; Tasmania - 7,100; Victoria - 88,900; and Western Australia - 35,200.

There are lots of places with government funding.

The initiative will primarily support short courses for job seekers and school leavers get into new jobs.

As a result of the COVID-19, the Jobs and skills required are going to change. You need to identify what these skills are and add these skills to your scope of registration.

In the first instance, it is expected that training providers with existing government-funded contracts may be able to deliver JobTrainer programs; however, this may be expanded to include other RTOs.



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