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Get started with eInvoicing

eInvoicing is the automatic exchange of invoices between accounting software, but unlike emailing and sending a pdf invoice, an eInvoice is sent directly to a buyer's accounting system. It is quicker, easier and more secure.

Greater security

We hear horror stories of people paying thousands of dollars to the wrong bank accounts of non-traceable recipients.

Email scammers send millions of emails out that cannot be tracked, and they are hoping that some people will fall into the trap and click on the link or respond to the fake request to make a payment.

They primarily depend on the ability to send an untraceable email.

eInvoicing is much more secure requires the providers to be authorised and certified by the PEPPOL Network and the government. Senders access the PEPPOL network via their accounting software (e.g. Xero).

That means all the messages are traceable. It disrupts the business model of the scammers, and the sender cannot hide, which means they will usually get caught.

If you cannot find the sender, you can make the software provider responsible for this.

Start using the eInvoice and demand your suppliers to send the eInvoice.

Setting up eInvoice in Xero

e-invoice setup in Xero
Download PDF • 775KB

How eInvoicing works

It works using access points, a connectivity service to the PEPPOL network. The PEPPOL is an international standard that allows businesses to speak to each other. Senders access the PEPPOL network via their accounting software.



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