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ESOS Requirements

Return to Compliance from July 2023.

As of 1 July 2023, you must again comply with the face-to-face delivery requirements in the National Code 2018 and the ELICOS Standards 2018.

You must ensure overseas students physically attend an approved course location for most of their course.

Suppose you are currently delivering, or will soon deliver, a course at a location where you are not approved for that course. In that case, you should immediately apply for approval of this location via submission of an ‘Application to change CRICOS registration’ via Asqanet.

Providers should ensure that their arrangements maintain assessment and quality standards. We have a range of information to support ESOS providers in complying with their obligations, such as guidance on the following:

The Commonwealth Ombudsman has also recently released several fact sheets to assist ESOS providers in complying with their requirements.

Delivery to overseas students is a continued risk priority for ASQA, and we will monitor providers’ return to compliance. We will use various regulatory tools, including performance assessments (audit), site visits (both announced and unannounced) and surveillance.

In cases where a provider is found non-compliant, including when providers fail to meet face-to-face-delivery requirements, we will take compliance and enforcement action. We encourage anyone with information about providers not meeting these requirements to contact us via asqaconnect.



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